Will the FDA make sure urban agriculture food is safe to eat?

Radically Rural

In Louisville, Urban Agriculture Could Satisfy Hunger for Local Food

Credit Fiona Grant / WFPL
Pam Faulkner

Louisville likes local food. And according to a study that was released earlier this year, Louisvillians are willing to buy more local food than is currently available.

But when people talk about local food, they usually mean crops grown in nearby rural counties…but there’s also an untapped agricultural potential in Louisville’s urban core.

Pam Faulkner is on her knees in the middle of her garden.

“I’ve got the corn, kale, three different kinds of green beans,” she said as she pulled weeds.

She’s also got flowers, herbs, hot peppers, squash, tomatoes and cotton, to name a few. A few yards from Faulkner’s eighth of an acre, traffic whizzes by. This stretch of Seventh Street Road in Shively is home to fast food, strip clubs and flea…

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